by mr sterile

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New song for the soon-to-be released new mr sterile solo album 'Haters, Wreckers and other Friends'.

This track will be deleted when the mastered album is uploaded


Seems like every talking head, spinning clever, sing aloud
Seems like every claims to speak, tongue in check, for the ‘silent crowd’
Seems like every point explored, cue applause, here's the parts
Seems like every maxim, sanction caption, honest take to heart

Seems like everything important, gains Importance talking down
Seems like every idea matters, in spite the fact that facts are known
Seems like everything's in balance, depends in fact on who decides
Seems like every message is in code, to paint the chosen sides

Seems like every informed mouthpiece, fills your ears up with their junk
Seems like every trusted mug, comforts drug, your brains drunk
Seems like talk repeat till puke, adds authority, gospel proof
Seems the words play no favour, spectrum behaviour, with the truth

Seems like every expert here, with a loud idea’s got it wrong
Seems like every smarter brain, wisdom displayed, now it’s gone
Seems that every balanced point, missed the point, and missed the mark
Seems like every scrap of wise advice is there to please the age-old oligarch

It’s that thing your breath does when it's cold
Born from your inner warmth when the Mercury’s low
Coming from your mouth honest without sound
Here’s something I can trust, your tiny rising cloud

You’ve got a lot to say
For someone with not a lot to say
But never let the facts
Get in the way.
You say that you know
We doubt what’s below
Your hollow show


released August 12, 2017
mr sterile




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